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The Rotaract club of GCT conducted a ID program “PILLI SOONIYAM” on 11/03/2019 at GCT. The session was handled by Rtr.Abhijeet who is provisional district trainer from Rotaract club of Millennium. He addressed the gathering with his funny talks. He handled the session with many ice breakers and activities which kept the whole session entertained. He made us understand that fear is nothing when we have confidence and courage to do something.The event seceratary Rtr.Swarna Nila ended the event with vote of thanks.

The event started at 5.00 pm by escorting the dignitaries to the dias by sergent at terms. The event Chairman Rtr.Varsha started the session with her speech followed by the session by Rtr.Abhijeet. The event seceratary Rtr.Swarna Nila ended the event with vote of thanks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



The first ID Programme on Workplace Management was handled by Rtr. PP Vijay Adith, GRR, Group III on the 8th of July,2017 at our college premises. The session was the best example for liveliness and fun. It satisfied the audience’s expectation of stepping one step higher in preparing oneself for corporate life.


“MY CAM” was a motivational intellectual development program that took place on 17 th of Aug,2017at our campus premises. A team of two very successful people, Mr. Amar Ramesh and Ms. Harija graced the occasion. Bringing to light the struggles and hardships that one has to face before tasting success and the perseverance that one has to have, they stimulated the minds of the Rotaractors of GCT. Their session turned out to be very productive igniting the fire within every Rotaractor. The event was graced by the presence of Rtr. PP. Karthik Gonsalvez, Rtr. PP Gowtham –GS GroupIII,

Rtr. IPP. Raju Dist. Club Service Director, Rtr. Karthik-President-RaC Vadavalli, Rtr. Haritha- RaC Vadavalli, Rtr. Paveen- RaC Spectrum, Rtr. Vijay Raj RaC Spectrum, Rtr. Vignesh-RaC Spectrum and Rtr. Udhayakumar –Community Service Director, RaCSaibaba Colony.


Pediatiric Cancer awareness

The III ID Programme on Pediatric Cancer Awareness was held on 16th of September 2017. Mr. Mohammed Dadaji, Founder, Aroh Foundation handled the session. It was indeed a session that made a deep impact. It left us with a realisation that we should never turn a deaf ear to the suffering of the little children.


Our Rotaractors joined hands with other clubs in our College in conducting an induction programme for the freshmen. The session on ‘Socialise Yourself' was conducted for a set of 550 students by Rtr.Hema Raja Pushpam, Rtr. Anita Sherlin, Rtr.Selva bharathi, Rtr. Mohammed Imran, Rtr.Lakshmi Narayanan and Rtr. Shanmuganathan, Rtr. Mari Shiva Shankaran on 19th &20thof September, 2017 by conducting various activities, ideologies of team spirit, monotony, multitasking and the importance of socialising to survive the under grad life was emphasised. All the freshers of GCT have actively participated in the session that induced the spirit of Rotaraction in them.


Know Your Club

Knowing our self is the first stand of growing professional. Know your Club is an online Quizing event that tested the Knowledge of the Rotaractors of GCT about Rotaract in general. The project was initiated and implemented on the Charter day- 5th of October, 2017. The flooding responses and validity of answers made us analyze the amount of Promotion Rotaract needs amongst the GCT community.


The session on team work "Naam Welvoem" by Rtr. Vimal Kumar, DTD from our club , for school students of Venkitapuram Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore was attended by Rtr. Anita Sherlin, Joint Secretary Rtr. Ramakrishnan PRO and Community Service Director on the club's behalf on the 24th of November, 2017.


Arasiyal Aadukalam -an online event that explore one's knowledge in politics was conducted for our Rotaractors on the 30th of November, 2017. The online political quiz consisted of a set of 40 questions. 48 contestants participated in the event. The winners were felicitated in the upcoming GBM.


The fourth ID programme of Rotaract Club of GCT Coimbatore took place on 23rd January, 2018 .The session was piloted by Rtr. Muniyappan, DTD from Rotaract club of CIT. The session was immensely beneficial as he throwed light on handling failures the optimistic way. The session was very entertaining and interesting. It is not worthy that Rtr. IPP Raaju, Dist. Club Service Director, Rtr. Nisha, Secretary RaC HICAS and Rtr. Atul, Sergeant at Arms made their presence.


The main idea conveyed through this signboard was that most of we Indians use Indian resources more than Indian products. The Indian economyface a lot of crisis through this foreign exchange. So this activity was mainly aimed at encouraging and spreading awareness among students to buy only Indain goods manufactured by Indian companies. As you could see, the board is completely filled with signatures. Students from various colleges pledged for the cause mentioned.
The response was overwhelming . Yippee ! our first project of 2016-2017 was done successfully on 19th and 20th of August.

Magic In You

“Magic in you” as the name suggests was a project that mainly focussed on CREATING A MAGIC – a vision that can accomplish the mission. Self development was the primary focus of this programme. The session was handled by Rtr. Arun kumar , GRR of group 1 on 18th september 2016 at production seminar hall , GCT campus. Rtr.Arun, managed to gain the attention of all the Rotaractors of GCT on his brief talk about the magic i.e, the innate qualities within each person.

Teach a Friend

We organised an Adobe photoshop training session for all interested Rotaractors on 28th of September 2016. The session was handled by Rtr. Santosh Sharma and Rtr. Mohammed Suhail who are incharge of designing avenue. The response was overwhelming.

Project 'KOM' - Self Defense Training for Girls


The Rotaract club of GCT organised  a “SELF DEFENSE” course- our first INTELLECTUAL TRAINING for a short period. The trainer was Mr.Richard Karunakaran, who had put his heart and soul into it. Mr.S.Richard Karunakaran of Enbloc Martial Arts and Physical Educational Trust ,a specialized Martial Arts Trainer with 40 years of experience taught simple psychological and physical techniques. The amount of involvement he had put in made the participants too very energetic and of course more comfortable. We tried to bring out the maximum output by training the attendees a good sort of skill and it did come out very well. We were indeed very happy to see that the girls who entered the hall as “girls” went out as “warriors”.It was truly welcoming when they gave very valuable feedback about the session.

T + T = S  (Team work + Time Management = Success)


The second intellectual programme of our club was held on 25/12/2016. The pilot faculty for the programme was Rtn. Rathinavel Ponnusamy. The address of the pilot faculty began with lot of excitement. He was a passionate, ardent alumni of GCT. The programme mainly focused on how Team work and Time management leads to Success. The programme was very interactive including many fun activities which gave lot of intellectual planning ideas for all Rotaractors. His ideas of scheduling a particular day into 3 parts and the plan grid which classifies important as well as unimportant things attracted us.On the nut shell, this programme proved to be very useful as well as an inspirational one.

We also thank Rtr.PP. Cecil, our district editor Rtr.PP.Ajay Shankar, Rtr. President Hari haran and our all time beloved GRR IPP. Purushothaman for their visit. We are honoured by their presence.



In commemoration of ‘Thiruvalluvar Thinam’, the 17th of January,our Rotaractors organized an event called EN KURAL’. Posters with the photograph and favorite kural of various Rotaractors and Rotarians were designed and shared on Facebook. The project fulfilled its ultimate aim of making people recall ‘Thirukural’ learnt during school days which was then lost in memories. The event had a very good reach and the posts provided a chance for the viewers to read and refresh at least a few ‘kurals’ that day. The project thus remained a rejuvenation of knowledge and a reminder that ‘Thirukural’ which is scientifically, culturally, literally and ethically valued a pride, should remain the art of our lives.



 On the mark of Swami Vivekananda's birthday on 12th January which is celebrated as the" National youth day", our Rotaractors had organized a celebrative event at "ARAVANAIKKUM ANBU ILLAM" on 7/01/2017. The events were chosen to be both motivational and fun filled. The event was chosen to be held at that particular place, so that the importance of this event reached the unaware young minds. A motivational speech was delivered by three Rotaractors. Many fun events like balloon busters, lemon in spoon, running race, cricket, pass the ball, musical chair etc. were organized. Note books were distributed to the 10thstandard students and snacks were served to the elderly people.



The Rotaract Club of GCT had organized a Discussion on the native livestock and bio-cultural sports on the 4th of February, 2017. It was indeed a pride and privilege that we had had in our midst Mr.Kathikeya Sivasenapathy, Managing trustee at Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation. 4.2.2016 was indeed a red letter day in our lives We were awestruck by the amount of involvement and interaction we witnessed amidst the audience which was a mixed group containing Rotaract and Non Rotaract Community of GCT along with the general public. It was an eye-opener that made us realize the real wealth we own- our native livestock and scientific bio sports. We felt our efforts to organize such an event being honoured when we were largely appreciated and applauded by the members of the Rotary and Rotaract community. The greater acknowledgement was that our event had also been covered  by media  and published in various online journals ,, and  . This III ID program was also featured in the Deccan Chronicle.



“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. In order to develop leadership qualities among our Rotaractors, we have organized an ID program on leadership qualities. For that we have invited our beloved brother, immediate past president Rtr.Purushothaman to have a discussion on “LOW COST LEADERSHIP”on the 16th of March, 2017. About 62 Rotaractors of GCT have attended the session. Rtr Krithanth Sahas, President, Rotaract Club of PSG CAS also showed his presence for the session. Rtr.Manoj Vignesh, Vice President of Rotaract Club of GCT welcomed the gathering. The session was interactive as well as informative. We have gained a detailed view decision making, self-analysis and problem solving. This session was very beneficial to the aspiring entrepreneurs. Finally the discussion ended with a feedback session. Event Chairman Rtr. Dinesh V.N delivered the vote of thanks. It was a session worth participating for all the attendees

FOOLS (Formula Of  Our Leader’s Success)


We are extremely contented that we have arranged an extraordinary ID program for our Rotaractors. This ID program deserves a distinguished place in our heart because it was very entertaining and knowledge gaining at the same time.. Our trainer Rtr.PP.Ajay chandran , DRR elect 2017, R.I.Dist 3201 handled the session on 18th March, 2017. Anything learned in empirical way gives us more understanding. He proceeded with the session in an empirical way. The session finally ended with ‘FOOLS’ not just defined as idiots, but as ‘Formula Of  Our Leader’s Success’



We, the members of Rotaract club of GCT joined hands with the Rotary Club Of Coimbatore, East and organized our V ID Programme, a discussion on ‘WATER AND US’ with Th.Piyush Manush an environmental activist on the 25th of March 2017. This event was a great milestone in our chase for satisfaction. The programme satisfied its objective leaving us well equipped with knowledge on various unknown facts. The people who attended the programme left us with the feedback that the day was a really wonderful experience and credits were added to the charisma of guest speaker. The value of water and its importance were revealed to us and we sincerely treasure the day forever.



Can a women's day be made more meaningful? The actual spirit of the commemoration lies in addressing the unaddressed side of feminism. Adventure goals remain everyone's longing and unto women it remains an unanswered call. Our Rotaractors thus ardently planned and executed a project named 'Iraivi' which had multiple events.  First phase of Iraivi was held on the 27th to  31st  of march by training our women Rotaractors ride gear bikes. Rtr. Hamithra Jothi taught the attendees enthusiastically The session became more significant when the attendees took a vow that speed thrills yet kills and that life is more important than adventure. Moreover the real purpose of creating a difference in a girl's life was accomplished. ‘Iraivi’ will remain one milestone in the record of various diversified projects undertaken by Rotaract club of GCT



The Rotaract Club of GCT had organized a discussion on “STRESS MANAGEMENT” on 30th March, 2017. It was indeed a pride and privilege that we had in our midst DRR Elect Rtr. PP.Ajay Chandran. This ID program deserves a distinguished place in our heart because it was entertaining as well as informative. Totally 28 Rotaractors had attended the session and learned about what stress is, its types, reason for stress and ways to handle it. Rtr Ajay Chandran handled the session in his own style leaving us equipped with memories and experiences of the day.                                                    


The next step of ‘ Iraivi’ came the event ‘Velicham’, an online essay writing event  which was conducted in the first week of April.  Rotaractors from our own club and various other clubs attended the event which was open upto 4th April, 2017. Many heart melting and expressive essays filled our email inbox. The best were shortlisted and the winners were felicitated in ‘MANIDHI VELIYE VAA’ event.



Women’s day isn’t the only day meant to commemorate the potential of a lady. On 06.04.2017, ‘MANIDHI VELIYE VAA’ programme was organized. It is one of its kind because it was purely organized by the women Rotaractors. The guest speakers, Mrs. Uma Preman, Shanthi Medical Information Centre. Mrs. Lalitha Pradeep, Founder, K’SIRS , Ms.Latha Venkita,Faculty K’SIRS., left the audience with awe as they spoke of their life accomplishments and the unearthed potentials of a women in various genres right from her role in the family, career building, society etc. The participants of Iraivi and winners of Velicham were felicitated. Manidhi Veliye Vaa was a real platform to unwrap a lad’s potential.


Placement is one thing that constantly brings apprehension and fear amidst the student community and with an aim of being of some aid, our Rotaractors organised a mock telephonic interview event for the rotaract and non rotaract community on the 29th of May, 2017. The resumes of the students were received two days in advance and the panel interviewed the participants via telephone. Scores were awarded for both the resume and interview performance. This event served as a means for students to practice and make perfect. The best performers are to be felicitated.

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