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The  installation ceremony of our parent Rotary, Rotary Club of Coimbatore East was attended by Rtr. PoornaPushkalaRajan, President  and Rtr. KuberaChandran, Professional Service Director on 8th of July,2017 at Sungam.



The district assembly SHINE was attended by 43 Rotaractors from our club on 9 th July 2017. Witnessing the installation of the District Cabinet and participation in the training session was a great experience for the new board members. We were awarded as club with the outstanding participation in this particular event. The award ceremony remained a moment of immense pride to the whole club. The event installed in us new spirit and synergy. It remained a source of interaction and building up of fellowship with members of other clubs in the district.



The discussion on water conservation ROTAMIND was attended by

 Rtr. PoornaPushkalaRajan, Rtr. Ramakrishnan, and Rtr. KuberaChandran 

Rtr. Krishna raj,Rtr. SriramAnax and Rtr. Santosh Sharma at Rotary TexCity Hall, Sungam on 14th of July, 2017.
It remained a platform to contribute our ideas and gain insight to various ways of effectively implementing the District Priority Project for the year, Rotary 2017-18. It is notable that Rtr. Ramakrishnan, Community Service Director was awarded best participant male.



The installation ceremony of Interact Club of Ramakrishna Mat. Hr. Sec. School, parented by Rotary Club of Coimbatore East was guided by a team of our Rotaractors. The ceremony finally took place on 15th of July, 2017 at their campus premises and was attended by Rtr. PP.SriramAnax and Rtr. Ramakrishnan.



The Training of President and Secretaries was attended by 

the President Rtr. PoornaPushkalaRajan and Secretary 

Rtr. Hema Raja Pushpam on 22nd and 23rd of July, 2017 at Midland Residency, Perur



We rotaractors extended volunteering work for 2020 Vision Marathon. Around 35 Rotaractors were a part of the organizing team and had taken care of the registrations, guiding the participants and offering them kits and refreshments. We had worked from the 29th of July to 30th of July, 2017 until the competition of the marathon. A special street play performance on ‘Coimbatore being the Safest City for Women and Children’ was staged for the audience and participants. We had also received special mention and applause to honour our team work and add on to our cheer. Around 15 Rotaractors had also been the participants for the same marathon. This participation is an assuring sign that Rotary and Rotaract goes hand in hand



The installation ceremony of Rotaract Club of Kumaraguru College of Technology was attended by Rtr. Ramakrishnan, Community Service Director on 31st of July, 2017.



The X District Fellowship - Glow, was attended by 61 Rotaractors from our Club at Sri sai vivah mahall on 17th of September 2017. It was indeed a platform for fun, frolic, friendship and fellowship. Itis remarkable that we participated all the events, a special Street play was also staged for the audience. We had also bagged an award for the well disciplined club in the same event and we have also received the innovative report award for the month of July, that encouraged us a lot



The District Trainer workshop was attended by Rtr. Ramakrishman and 

 Rtr. Vimal Kumar on 24 th September, 2017 at Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore. Both were qualified for the final round. For the First time, Rotaract Club of GCT members have participated in the District Trainer’s workshop that gave us a heartful happiness.



The finals of the most unique District event in R.I.D.3201  “”LUMINA” took place on oct 11 ,2017 in Kumaraguru College of Technnology . we are very happy sand proud to have 2 DTD’s from our club, Rtr. Ramakrishnan and Rtr. Vimal Kumar. They both have got special recognitions as “BEST PARTICIPANTS” of LUMINA.


Group Meeting- AGARAM

The meeting of Presidents and Secretaries of Group III with the GRR and Group Secretary was attended by Rtr. Poorna Pushkala Rajan, President and Rtr. Hema Raja Pushpam, Secretary at TKS matriculation school on the 15th of October, 2017.



The Orientation programme for the Interact Club of Ramakrishna Matriculation Higher Secondary School was organized by our Rotaractors. The session was piloted by Rtr. Dhanyashree District Trainer on the 17th of November, 2017.



The meeting for the Presidents and Secretaries was held at Karunya School of Business Management .The Meeting was attended by and Rtr. Hema Raja Pushpam, Secretary & Rtr. Vijay Prakash, Vice   President on 19th November, 2017. 



The weekly meeting of our Parent Rotary, Rotary club of Coimbatore East was held on 21 st Nov,2017 at SIEMA HALL BOARDROOM,racecourse . The meeting was attended by Rtr.Ramakrishnan, Community service Director&PRO and 

 Rtr.Lakshmi Narayanan, communications &web services Director



A portrait sketching competition to incorporate Bharathiyaar's fundamentals in a artistic form was conducted by Rotaract Club Of CIT on December11, 2017.  Rtr. Maha Lakshmi from our club had participated in the event and had bagged the First place.



The seven speaker conclave Vanavil conducted by Rotaract Club Of CIT was attended by Rtr. Hema Raja Pushpam ,Secretary Rtr.Ramakrishnan, DTD and PRO and other 3 Rotaractors from our club on the 23rd of December,2017 at the Coimbatore Institute of Technology.



The discussion on water management happened on the 5th of January 2018 at Akshaya Hall, town hall. Our IPP.Rtr.Sriram Anax was the event chairman for which we volunteered the entire event. This was attended by 20 Rotaractors from our club and the session was very informative to the rotaractors


District Assembly

The 9th district rotaract assembly, installation of rotaract district council and the rotaract district awards ceremony was organised on 23rd and 24th of July ,2016. We, rotaractors of rotaract club of GCT for the first time attended an assembly meet and thoroughly enjoyed and also learnt how a rotaract functions.


Volleyball Tournament - WINNERS

Rotaract club of GCT won the 1st place in volleyball tournament organised by Rotaract club of CIT on 19th September 2016.


Training of Presidents (TOPs')

The President of Rotaract Club of GCT attended the training of presidents on 20 and 21st of August which was inclusive of both seriousness and fun. It was a chance for all Presidents to meet up and share a good bonding. The first day covered outbound training where in the presidents were given thrilling tasks to perform. The second day covered the responsibilities of Presidents.



The meeting for President, Secretary and Joint secretary of rotaract club was held on 30th and 31st of July 2016 at Kumaraguru college of technology, Coimbatore by Rotaract club of KCT. 



Rotaractors from RaC GCT participated in the "District Fellowship Event - B.E.E.P" and performed Street Play on Modern Education Techniques. And our club President Rtr. Sriram Anax received the Mr. BEEP award.


Rotary Meeting - "International Nite"

 The "International nite" hosted by Rotary Club of Coimbatore East was indeed a cherishable experience and gave us incredible memories. We were extremely delighted to be a part of such an event which happened on 29th of November.We interacted with the Youth Exchange Students from more than 20 countries including Germany, France, Mexico, USA, Nigeria, Myanmar, Ghana, Congo etc,.We had dinner together and exchanged our ideas pertaining to culture, science & technology etc.. We were given the opportunity to exchange pins.


Rotary - Rotaract Interaction

Rotary club of Coimbatore East Meeting: This was held on 18th of October in Chettinad courtyard to discuss the progress and opinions of various Rotaractors. The session was handled by Rtn. Jothi Ramalingam - a Neural Linguistic Programmer. Attended by Rtr. Karthik Dharan and Rtr. Soundappan.



The IX District Rotaract conference took place on the 4sh and 5sh of February 2017 at Kumaraguru College of Technology. The conference was attended by the following Rotaractors

Rtr. Sriram Anax

Rtr. Manoj Vignesh

Rtr. Karthik Dharan
Rtr Vimal Kumar
Rtr. Eureka
Rtr. Hamithra Jothi

Rtr. Arun·Kumar  



Beyond our control, we get delighted if it is a festival season. ‘Pongal Vizha’ is one such emotions for every Tamilian. Our  Rotaractors  celebrated this Pongal with the parent  Rotary Club ,Caeser school ,Coimbatore on 11/1/17. The celebration witnessed thorough enjoyment. it remained a great pleasure to meet various  Rotarians and Rotaractors, who turned out to be our well wishes. The overwhelming part of the celebration was our interaction,with Mr.Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, who remains, our inspiration. This Pongal celebration turned out to witness a mix of culture, joyous sharing, pride, fun, friends, and emotions.



  The vocational awards ceremony of  Rotaract Club of Coimbatore East took on 24th of January, 2017.This meeting was attended by our President Rtr.Sriram anax and Rtr.Arunkumar. 


நாட்டு நடப்பு - I

On the 17th of March 2017 our Rotaractors participated in the discussion ‘NAATU NADAPU’. The discussion was presided by Rtn. Deva Prakash."I thought this would be a normal program but our Rotarians proved me wrong." This was the feedback almost all the participants left behind. The discussion involved various topics that youngsters needed to know. From national politics to the Cultural differences; all were made clear to us. Inspiring stories of our Rotarians inspired young Rotaractors of GCT. We got clear idea of what need to be done while encountering serious problems. Our Rotaractors extended their deep sense of gratitude to Rtn. Deva Prakash, Secretary Rtn.Jaya Kumar, Youth Service Director Rtn.Vijay Krishnan of Rotary Club of Coimbatore East and Th.Vignesh for sharing your experiences which will always remain great lessons to guide ourof lives. All the experiences they shared with us stirred us from within. It was a discussion worth spending time and energy on. 


Governor's official visit

The district Rotaract meet was attended by Rtr. Sriram Anax, Rtr. Manoj Vignesh and Rtr. Poorna Pushkala Rajan on 4th of April 2017.


நாட்டு நடப்பு - II

Our Rotaractors gathered with heights of enthusiasm and eager to attend

நாட்டு நடப்பு - II on 9.04.17. Discussions included  talks farmers’ subsidiaries, the adoption of agricultural practices and government policies, knowledge on conventional bio farming practices and techniques to manage the climatic changes, besides the topic whether education qualification is necessary to become a politician was debated. Everyone contributed their point of view in an appropriate way. It was finally concluded that experience alone would suffice to become one. This was indeed a great platform to exercise our freedom of speech and expression


நாட்டு நடப்பு - III

Any idea about what is debt trap!? It was made clear to us in நாட்டு நடப்பு - III held on 18.04.2017 . The inner and hidden reasons behind the current trend of educational loans were discussed. Background reasons of why Government does not wave off educational and farmer loans were discussed.Finally, it was concluded that educational loans would leave us in debt trap. Our Rotaractors ended the day with a sound mind brimming with knowledge for which they acknowledge gratitude to Rtn. Deva Prakash, Youth Service Director Rtn.Vijay Krishnan of Rotary Club of Coimbatore East and Rtn. Karthik from Rotary Club of Coimbatore Heritage whose experiences stirred up from within