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The ad-film contest was held on 8thSeptember, 2017.All the Rotaractors of 3201 were asked to shoot an ad film on water conservation as theme. This was an initiative to create awareness and emphasis the district theme 'Save Water'. The best ad-film was awarded in our Next GBM .


The Rtr. Santa Claus from Rotarct Club of GCT Coimbatore along with a team of 25 Rotaractors visited the Government School at Venkitapuram, Coimbatore on the 23rd of December,2017. Christmas celebrations including singing and enacting Christmas hymns, team competitions and narration of Christmas tale with a moral were performed for the 185 kids from kinder garden and primary school. We also offered them a piece of cake and a pen to mark the felicity. Rtr. Santa Claus did never fail to spread the joy of sharing making the season meaningful.


For all of us, this project will always have a special place. At first , when we entered the school we were clueless if things would fall in place or not. But these kids made it happen. With their ever smiling face, they encouraged us throughout and turned out to be great spectators. We started off by asking any of them to volunteer for story telling. One girl volunteered and spoke about unity which was remarkable at her age. And then we made them link themselves by wearing a lungi and taught them dance steps for their favorite song - Jithu Jiladi. After which a few Rotaractors performed a play on Why Unity is important? Why one should not argue or fight ? Why moral values are necessary ? Why education is a must ?What one gets out of it ?

And their response was too good. We loved the way they noted minute things. 4 girls even sang a song for us with actions. It was such a nice performance. And then we showered them with pencils and chocolates as a token of love. Staff were feeling delighted to have us and they want us to help their kids with academic as well.

Looking forward to sessions in Elementary school of Venkatapuram.

PARIVARDHAN - Chapter 2 (Christmas Celebration)

It was really an awesome experience with lots of love and fun. Children are the gifts of God.And it was so heart filling with joy and satisfying to see them smile. Hearing their ambitions of being a teacher, army man , police etc was a blissful moment.Each one of them inspired us. Also our tension, work pressure, stress were completely replaced by the smile and joy showered by those little kids. We taught them moral values by means of games and stories. They sang, danced, acted and played. And the overall highlight is SANTA! As a whole

It was a splendid day for them and also us!


With the aim of creating health awareness among children this project was undertaken by our Rotaractors. They visited the Government school at Venkitapuram on 6th  Jan 2017. Many ideas provoking knowledge were shared with the students, some included the importance of waking up early in the morning, brushing twice a day, washing hands before and after meals, dressing neatly, keeping the nails clean, sleeping 8 hrs a day, etc. The project remained an interactive session. The Rotaractors believe that this project would play at least a minor role in moulding the children towards a better standard and dignified living. The session finally ended with distributing banana to the children. 


As instructed by the District Rotary club, we Rotaractors of GCT were a part of the  ROTARY INDIA LITERACY MISSION (RILM), the main objective of which was to conduct  survey about the exact status of government schools in our country. The survey included 5 categories which were - Teacher support, E-learning, Adult literacy, Child development, Happy school. We had selected 5 schools in our locality, which were

1.Corporation Boys High School, RS Puram.

2. Corporation Elementary School, Velandipalayam.

3. Ammaniammal Corporation Hr. Sec. School, RS puram.

4.Corporation High School, Kovilmedu

5.Bishop Ubagaram Higher Secondary School, Lawley Road.

We had divided ourselves into 5 teams and undertook the surveying task. We had met the Principal, Staff and Students of each school and collected the necessary details. Inspite of being welcomed in some places and unwelcomed in some, we had completed the work entrusted to us. The final survey details were updated in the online school survey form.

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