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Grow | Cultivate | Transmute


This community based service was performed on 02.10.2018 around the streets Venkitapuram with Rtr.Panneer Selvam and Rtr.Gokul as the event chairman and event secretary. Nearly 120 packets of Nilavembu Kasayam were given to the people residing in that area. Hopefully,everyone was atmost benefitted as the name Sakthi Kodu meant to be.



Rtr. Ramakrishnan, Community Service Director, met Mr. Mohamed Dadhaji, RO Foundation to handover the fund raised for the aid of cancer patients on the 7th of July, 2017. They had had a discussion on community service and its significance to the society. It gave an insight on planning our projects for the entire year.


On the 6th of August, a total of 55 volunteers along with participants from Round Table 31 who were the sponsors of the project . The volunteers were divided into 3 teams with 2 forest rangers in each team carried a total of 6000 seed balls and sowed them in the Aanaikatti forest area. Our work was supported by Rtr. PP. GowthamKarthik, Group Rotaract Secretary, Group 3, R.I.Dist 3201, and Rtr.IPP.Krithanth, Director of District Events, R.I.Dist.3201, Rtr. Kumaravelu, President, Rotaract Club of Covai User Group who joined us in this sowing venture. The day remained a memorable one in having worked for a good cause with commitment and fun.


We, a team of Rotaractors visited the Government College and Hospital on the 7th of August, 2017. We extended aid and spent time with the Dengue patients. Willing donors from our team had donated blood to the blood bank in the hospital which was in need of blood for those patients. We also provided them fruits, dates and bread. The friendship day really found a meaning in our life as we made new friends and remained their friend in need. We experienced utmost happiness when a patient’s father rang up to us post visit to thank us. Project ‘Aram’ was the best way to celebrate our friendship day.


A team of our Rotaractors visited Mrs. Dhanalakshmi, a tender coconut seller near TNAU campus on 16th of August, 2017. We spent some quality time sharing with each other our own life happenings. It was indeed an emotional open up when she shared with us the trials she faces each day. The factor that surprised us is the smile she wears, in spite of hardships she faces working 10 hours a day. As an appraise for her unsung toil, we gifted her, a money box to place her earned cash. We are also planning to get a roof sheet that would keep her spirit of heroism undisturbed in the pouring rain.

Pachilam Kapom

As September is a month of pediatric cancer month, a Pediatric Cancer awareness camp was housed at our campus premises on 1st September 2017 during Muthamizh Vizha, an intercollegiate literary fest organized by the Student Literature Clubs of our College. The participants and visitors from outside were offered a golden ribbon and Mr. Mohammed Dadaji, Aroh Foundation shared his views in spreading pediatiric Cancer awareness. Rtr. Kasi Viswanath, President Rotaract club of CIT, along Graced the day by his presence.


Restoring hygiene, cleanliness and ensuring better environment was indeed an integral part of our Rotaraction within the campus. 75 volunteers plunged into action on 4 th October 2017, to clean our campus premises. With Dengue outbreak being severe in the city, the project needed quick implementation. It is noteworthy that Mr. Thirumal – Zonal officer for Dengue Awareness, coimbatore corporation was in our midst that morning and dengue prevention & awareness drive was conducted. Later our rotaractors cleaned various places around the campus the whole day till evening. Clean GCT was a real success that made visible its outcome at the day’s end. Rtr. IPP.Sriram Anax, District Community Service Director – R.I.D 3201 & Rtr.IPP. Krithanth –Director of District Events-R.I.D.3201 had made their valuable presence on that day and encouraged our volunteers’ action.


To commemorate the support and rapport RaC GCT enjoys from the fellow student clubs in the college, tree planting drive was planned which included the idea of associating with the other clubs and planting trees around the campus that would grow into a permanent mark of memory in the campus. The initiative of this project was laid during the Charter day celebrations. It is note worthy that our DRR.PP.Ajay Chandran , Rtr, IPP. Raaju ,District Club Service Director, Rtr. PP.Gowtham Karthik , Group Rotaract Secretary, Group III and other members of the Cabinet had planted saplings that day. The project was then implemented on the 8th of October. Around 50 saplings were planted in the campus and are maintained everyday.   

Embrace the Unfortunate

This project was initiated on the Charter day. The Board members made a start by dropping necessities in the temporary charity box that was left for Collection.

As a part of Embrace the Unfortunate a permanent drop box to collect used clothes and toiletries for the less privileged was placed in the campus on 

13 th October 2017 . The collection of stuff was under process the whole month run. They are soon to be offered to the needy.


Time and love are the best gifts that could light up someone's Diwali. With this thought in mind our Rotaractors undertook the celebration a different way. There are people who are less noticed in the society, people who work for us or are associated with us, yet whom we failed to acknowledge or interact. Such people were met by our Rotaractors, they offered them sweets, quality time speaking of each other’s' life experiences. Punagai was implemented from 18th of October, 2017  in S aiming at spreading smiles through Sharing which made our Diwali meaningful to an extent


To mark the AIDS Awareness day on December 1, Rtr. Mari Shiva Shankaran, Director of special projects arranged dinner on the Club's behalf for 30 Children affected by HIV. Having enquired that eggs are very good natural nutritional supplement they could get, we had also provided each child an egg that day. Urudhunai lived up to its same as we did support them meet their nutritional demands.


With the aim of making good ideas worth sharing reach common men folk, our Rotaractors undertook the mission of providing notice with Gandhiyam ideas to the shopkeepers from GCT to Venkitapuram on the 29th of December, 2017. 17 volunteers participated in this initiative. Unto our Gandhiam was a satisfactory way to wind up the calendar year.


We associated with Rotaract Club Of Coimbatore Main and Rotaract Club of RS Puram in putting up a road safety and helmet awareness programme Manda Bathram on the 30th of December,2017 at the Sungam signal, & Ramanathapuram signal. We conveyed the messages through placards with slogans. To lay a stronger emphasis our Rotaractors had also staged a street play at the Sungam signal. We offered New Year wishes message in form of a card that encouraged drivers stay helmet positive. We did also offer head lamp stickers to those whom did not have one. Manda Bathram not only promoted awareness it also did serve in promoting Rotaract. It is noteworthy that we received media coverage from Dhinakaran, Simplicity, Mei TV .It should also be noted that Rtn. Vijay Krishnan, New Generation Director., Rotary Club of Coimbatore East, Rtn. DGE, Rtr. Gowtham Karthik GRS Group III, 

Rtr.PP. Arjun  District International Service Director, Rtr. IPP. Krithanth Sahas Dist. Chairman Events,made their valuable presence on that day.

Green Signal

Waiting for the red signal to turn green has always been the most irritating seconds of our life. On 28th of this August 2016, for a change we, the Rotaractors of RaC GCT interacted with people  in vehicles waiting near Avinashilingam signal and gave them saplings to spread awareness on planting trees. Through this eco friendly gesture we brought smiles on every passenger's face.

கைக்கீறு to கையெழுத்து (Creating Autographs)

We celebrated the World Literacy day on 8th September because Knowledge is power . We implemented a project for the welfare of rural people. There's one part of the city living their lives in a posh manner and then there's this place where people are not even aware of signatures and it's value. We wanted to inculcate the idea of signing in their minds, the reason why one needs to undergo a transit from conventional practices to trending.

By doing so we are adapting ourselves from "கைக்கீறு to கையெழுத்து" - the idea on signatures and importance of education. With this motto we moved to 12th ward of KovilMedu in Venkatapuram where people were busy doing their work. Their time was too precious enough to be spared for this sake. A few hesitated, showed very little interest but then a few invloved themselves in our project. Where there is a will there always comes a way. We managed to teach around 40 residents how to sign and the value of it. The interactive session became a special one when one of the residents showered her love by serving coffee to the Rotaractors and not to be forgotten, she claimed one of the Rotaractors to be her very own son for he taught her how to sign.Through this project, we believe , instead of ' kai keeral' people opt for 'kai eluthu' which takes us one step close to attaining 100% literacy. Also, we shared a word on why children need to be sent to schools so that if they have children who are employed or if their children are not privileged to go to school , their mindset could be moulded and parents send their children to schools and we will be helping them for this cause. 

"It may not have been a signature project for us , but it definitely was a 'signature' project for people out there".


We,the Rotaractors of GCT strongly believe that every charitable act takes us one step close to the almighty. As our tagline says-“Grow,Cultivate and Transmute” and having grown as a more matured club , we are cultivating good vibes and transforming the downtrodden into a better person.  The chapter of how we made a miserable stranger happy goes on like this ….A gang of four best friends in our club-Rtr.Dinesh Kumar,Rtr.Vignesh Kumar,Rtr.Aravindh and Rtr.Arjun were heading towards Venkatapuram from GCT just like any other normal day. They were discussing college gossips and then stopped near a food stall. In a casual manner they were looking here and there and Rtr.Arjun saw a pitiful person who happens to be a handicapped with a long beard wearing unclean clothes sitting in a corner minding none. That day wasn’t like the others’. It was entirely a different experience for our Rotaractors.That very first intiative they made was incredible and to interact with the stranger was something that tested their guts. All they wanted was to do what could be done to make him happy. Initially they were reluctant because of the stranger’s weary look. Gearing up their guts,  they got out of the box by approaching and talking to him. The conversation lasted for an hour. The most heart wrecking  moment was when he narrated how his family had let go of him just because of his weakness. His misery brought tears in our eyes. He is Mr.Raja hailing from Ukkadam. Way back 30 years, he met with an accident that is still taunting him. Despite being physically challenged he tries to do whatever is possible using his right hand. When we asked him if he needed something,food was his only need. We  offered him food and we started asking him “what  work could he do” he replied saying , he could do any work but no one is ready to give him a chance because of his inability. So he earns petty amount by collecting garbage from road sides. Hence we have planned to arrange a corporation job of separating degradable and non-degradable wastes. We approached a non governmental organization that can aid our club. We are in talking terms with the organization and very soon we’ll be seeing Mr.Raja leading a happy life.We are now his wellwishers and want to make him realis his capabilities and focus on growing as a better person. That Magizhchi moment when he became one of us. After so many years he SMILED 


Do not blame others; instead correct them if you can!

We, the Rotaractors immensely take pride in announcing that  we had launched a project on 15th of October that served the purpose of society. If someone asks us if it is possible to bring out a change in the society, we have an answer, it is the project “wall-e”. Every little efforts proved its importance.   We were extremely happy once the project saw its end. The pavement of the forest college was cleaned and maintained till now by us. It took place for around 2 weeks.

Cleaning a pavement does not bring a great change in the society – any body can do that.But instead making the general public to use it is really challenging and the Rotaractors are continually doing it. We take great pride and are extremely delighted to see that people are using the pavement. 

Our Rotaractors do perform heroic deeds by tearing the posters if they had been pasted on the wall.

                  We received great appreciation from the general public and many passers by also were delighted to see us work. Many of them paused their vehicles to congratulate us.

WAL_E will be continued...

Paper Magic

That was a vibrant evening which had spread its vigorous waves and had seen it’s ebb. We successfully completed our PAPER MAGIC which revolved around distributing newspaper bags to shops in and around GCT. Thought it was a small project but the response we got is tremendous and made us think it was not as small as we think! One incident was, the owner of a hotel asked us to take a seat and requested to have our evening snacks as a token of appreciation for our social work.

Google - The Unsung Heroine #1

The purely community service oriented project- Unsung heroes is a new venture by us. Often many of the hardworking and deserving individuals go

unrecognized. We aim to make such persons proud of their job and make them feel contented. With one such motive, we walked towards streets of venkatapuram on 8 th of November and on the way a middle aged Unsung hero, sorry HEROINE. Our unsung heroine was selling tender coconuts. She has been doing this for the past 10 years. Her husband being a drunkard doesn't care much about his family. Her only daughter had malfuncioned legs by birth which was treated recently with her hard earned money. One shocking fact is that she doesn't have a proper vision. She chops tender coconut by approximate judgement which turns out to be the right chop. Her daughter studies in an elementary school which we have adopted and is a topper in studies. Her mother's aim is to provide her proper education and bring her up in a proper manner. Despite facing so many obstacles, she does her job with an ever smiling face for she loves it :) hence the HEROINE. We had a conversation for around an hour and then gave her sweets and snacks in a handmade paper bag.
Also we bought 10 tender coconuts and made her day blissful

Google - The Unsung Hero #2

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

We come across so many people in our life. A few unworthy and many worthy.

Seeing so much perseverence and hardwork in a 57 year old man is a rare sight. 

Yes! A cobbler striving hard -Strange but true!

Yes he works even today at this age when most of the people would be at the verge of retirement.But this man is never tired and always wishes to have a bright tomorrow every night. He has two married sons but they abandoned him. To fight this lonely battle he works not to live a pleasurable life but to survive in this world. End of the day, all he has in mind is to makehis wife lead a happy and peaceful life and they still have that bonding. He has been doing this work for the past 40 years. If we see the shop it’s just a blanket spread on the road side with  tools and things scattered over it.

 We wanted to encourage him and as a token of appreciation for his hard work,we provided him with some tools including thread,some needles for stitching shoes and  offered him a juice which made him happy on 11th of November.

Google - The Unsung Hero #3

''The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness''
While walking down the streets of Venkatapuram, Rotaractors of GCT met Mr.Ponnusamy,a 75 year old man who has a shop for ironing for the past 12 years.He has two sons and the family is solely dependent on his income. He has been affected by skin allergy due to heat of the iron box. Even though he has many medical problems, he doesn't bother about all that and is still working.Being passionate about his work has made him withstand all difficulties and continue to do the same.We believe that appreciation is the highest form of prayer because it instills happiness.So our team encouraged his hard work and provided fruits to him.


Rotaractors of our club spent time with children in MMU shelter home on 7th January. The main purpose of this visit was to entertain them by conducting games like musical chair, skipping, dancing, running race, games using balloons etc. Also they conducted elocution competition just to make the kids unwrap their cocoons. Not just these, all of them nearly 25 in number were awarded with prizes like stationery, colouring books etc. The smile on the children’s face was the best return gift the Rotaractors could get. The project is a proof that we are sticking to our policy - to grow and let grow.


With an intention to entertain and spread joy amidst the less fortunate children, our Rotaractors visited the “Aasana children orphanage” at Vadamadurai  on the 8th of January. Many fun events like dare statue, musical chair, lemon in spoon etc were conducted, after which we served them and ourselves the noon meal. Post lunch, the fun making continued. The children were drowned in excitement when they were played music and asked to dance. After having danced their hearts away, the best part of the day had taken place. The children along with our Rotaractors had teamed into two and played a 5 over cricket match. It left both, the children and especially our Rotaractors loaded with memories. Prizes and snacks were distributed to the children. At the end of the day it had left our Rotaractors satisfied at the sight of the smiling children. 


On the 4th of February, 2017 we Rotaractors extended our support to the NGO - AROH, in supporting their fund raising event ‘Go Gold’  to aid the cancer affected children to commemorate the Golden Ribbon day. It was remarkable that Mr. Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, who had to preside over our above mentioned III ID project also supported the cause donating a sum of two thousand rupees. Many well wishers and Rotaractors proved their philanthropic image by making generous contribution.


With the aim of engineering the theoretically obtained knowledge to benefit the environment, we had initiated the ‘Compost Pit’ project in our own campus. The basic idea is to dump degradable solid waste like leaf falling off from trees, cut down shrubs and other plant waste collected from in and around our college in a pit. For this, a compost pit, 10 feet long, 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep was excavated on 28th February 2017. The post earth work plans are to fill the pit with waste up to 1 foot deep and cover it with red soil or sand for about ½ feet and maintain moisture content. A period of 45-60 days is needed for the conversion of wastes into manure. 

Rotaract Club of GCT has planned to convert dry organic waste collected in college to valuable compost. The initial digging took place in February. The other construction works were under progress at the start of the month. Lately garbage was dumped into the pit and the wait for wealth out of wastes has begun.

The dumped waste is regularly monitored and in order to maintain favorable atmosphere and moisture content a temporary canal has been provided on 27th of April,2017. Wealth out of waste is expected to be reaped soon.

Maintenance operations were undertaken for the composting activity throughout the month of may.


With an intention to create sanitation hygiene awareness and dignified healthy living practices among masses our team of Women Rotaractors have undertaken a project named ‘Red Dot’. The project included two of our Rotaractors visiting Dr. Meena Kumari on 06.03.2017 at Kurinji Hospital, Peelamedu and getting guidance and suggestions to carry out the project. On 16.03.2017 the first survey was conducted among the local women residents of Venkitapuram. Details were collected on their personal details and sanitation practices like the duration of their periods, usage of napkins or cloth, method of disposal etc. On the 23.03.2017 the survey was completed for the other residents and an awareness program on handling puberty and menstrual cycle was conducted at the Government School at Venkitapuram.

As the next move our Rotaractors, undertook door to door awareness programme. They grouped into team of two to three and visited the women in Venkitapuram on the 5th of April,2017. and shared verbal awareness of importance and maintenance of menstrual hygiene.


With the number of stray dogs within the campus increasing, and thereby the menace imposed simultaneously soaring, our Rotaractors’ attention turned towards addressing the fellow GCTians issue. A huge team of Rotaractors, loitered around the campus for months to photograph dogs, collect identification details of them and completed the survey inferring the approximate count. With the aid of an NGO, name HAS(HUMAN ANIMAL SOCIETY) the issue was taken to the authorities and with prior permission the NGO sterilized a few dogs on 10th of April, 2017. The other dogs are to be sterilized in stages. 


 Our Rotaractors visited the home for women named Eera nenjam at RS puram on 17.04.2017. The day remained a red letter day in our Rotaractor's life. The amount of love the people there showered on us knows no heights. We conducted entertaining games like lemon in spoon, lucky corner etc. that kept them entertained. We also did speak in person to every person there. Leaving them speechless by exhibiting magic tricks, sitting in groups to listen to granny tales and cheering on the singing chikoos left our heart loaded with memories. To commemorate the  day, we cut cake and distributed to the people along with tea and snacks. We also provided the home with materials like tea powder, sugar and toiletries for their daily use. Finally bidding adieu seemed the most difficult of all after being blessed by every motherly soul.


That which drives our actions!
What would be a student's priority during the end semester exams?
Amidst the jarring and jamming stressful schedule, service is still our priority. Because Rotaractors we be!
On the 6th of May 2017, our Rotaractors had finally handed over the collected, laundried, ironed and neatly packed used clothes around 200 sets to the Parish Priest of St. John de Britto Parish, Fr. Vincent who will be handing it to the Gonelian Home for the mentally disabled.
The clothes have been collected since a month in advance and a month's effort have finally found meaning in embracing the unfortunate.


As an initial step, our Rotaractors have worked on to create a platform for ‘Siksha’ to happen in stages. The information regarding the project and requisition of donation of books were circulated to all the students in the college. The collection boxes were placed in a few places in the hostel and within the campus on 15th of May, 2017.

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