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“We cannot do all great things but we can do small things with great love and together we can do something wonderful”. On viewing this quoted words we stepped ourselves in spreading the fragrance of smiles by filling the stomach of some people full. We glued ourselves with NGO-Ellorukum udhavuvom in order to celebrate Ms. Deepa’s birthday on September 2018.Only few great hearted people will see their happiness in the smile of others .As per her wish we made food arrangements for some people. Suddenly the words of people at Eeranenjam old age home strike the minds while we keen our eyes on searching the place to distribute the foods. Not only they all flowered on seeing us but also our hearts filled with extreme happiness. Nearly 60 members of Eeranenjam old age home had tasted, chewed and swallowed the foods served by us. Honestly saying we felt our stomach filled without having our lunch .Giving a life to a new sapling by planting it along with them before leaving that place gave us a good memory. It’s not only a beautiful day in our Rotaract life but also the day to be saved in our life diaries.


We the Rotaract cub of GCT has successfully completed our First letter head exchange with a visitor from Mumbai R.I.D 3142. We also took him to various places in Coimbatore, R.I.D 3201 and a Rotaractor from our club, Rtr.Mari siva shankaran , sergeant -at-arms (junior), accompanied him throughout the day to make him feel good and to have a good exposure over Coimbatore. We shared lot of our cultural values with him, which gave us good platform to share our culture and heritage.


An essay writing competition was organized by the RaC GCT Coimbatore in association with Rotaract Club of Panjim, GOA on 21 st September, 2017.This was an initiative in commemoration of World Tourism Day which falls on 27th September. 35 students of Ninth Grade from the Kamalanaadhan memorial Corporation school, Venkitapuram Coimbatore-13 had participated in this contest.They had shared their perspective by penning essays on famous monuments, temples, seashores, hilly areas in India and had also added to the beauty of their wonder by vivid scenic description.'One World many Wonders' erased the boundary within which young minds would look up to admire!.Because seven wonders were too less for these potential minds.


Rtr. Poorna Pushkala Rajan, President RAC GCT, Rtr. Anuj and Rtr. Loganathan had received and escorted the guest rotractors from Rotaract Club of Shimla Midtown,R.I.D.3080 on the 11th of November They had visited places like Isha Yoga, RR.S.Puram etc. throughout the day . It is noteworthy that we had exchanged our letterhead with them. The day thus fetched us well-wishers and promising rapport in the coming days.


Rtr. Poorna Pushkala Rajan, President had exchanged our letter head with Rotaract Club of Bombay uptown on 8 th January, 2018


L BAC - Lets Bring A Change a hunt for pollutant alternates is organized by our Club on 10 january,2018. Various participants from clubs in various district are sending their ideas via videos, voice notes etc. The event is open till the end of February.



We, the Rotaractors of  GCT  had  realised  the  repayment  we  owe  to  the trees,  as  true  human  beings!Our  awe  to  create  and  spread  green  everywhere  was  on  fire.  And  so we  decided  to  distribute  saplings  to  the  school  children ,  to  promote the  true  spirit  of  afforestation  among  the  young  bloods.As  a  great  platform,  we  decided  to  launch  our  project  in association with the LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY of GCT on  the  esteemed event, Brainstrain’16 on  21.08.2016.  We  could  never  forget  the  real  happiness and  spontaneous  joy  on  the  faces  of  the  children  after  they  received the  saplings.  They continually  were  enquiring  about  the  species  of  the saplings  and  were  rejoiced  and  were  excited  about  the  same.We  had  also  announced  a  “TREE PLANTING CONTEST”  according  to  which the  receivers  of  the  saplings  have  to  periodically  check  them  and  send the  photographs  of  their  respective  trees  to  our  team.We  also  do  not  stay  idle.  We  kept  track  of  the  number  of  trees planted  by  them  and  the  places  where  they  have  planted  was monitored  and  the  best ones were rewarded by us. On  the  whole,  we  never  underestimate  the  power  of  the  younger generation  and  are  extremely  proud  of  our  contribution  to  the  society through  them.

Self Defense - Phase II with Enbloc Martial Arts and Physical Educational Trust

Rotaract Club of GCT joined hands with Enbloc Martial Arts and Physical Educational Trust to conduct a session on how to protect oneself if “CHAIN SNATCHING” situations occurs with the aid of Mr.Richard Karunakaran and Rtr. Arjun on 15th of October. It was extremely informative and we all had a great hour.

WAL_E - Phase II with Dare to Dream

We, the Rotaractors of GCT joined hands with Dare to Dream a NGO to complete the second phase our community service project 'WAL_E'. White cement and the necessary painting equipment were provided by them. Our rotaractors painted around 210 bit of walls extending over a stretch of more than 800 meter. This project received good recognition from the public.



Rotaract Club of GCT takes immense pleasure in sharing about the nationally recognised international service project-Swatch Bharat campaigning that we are a part of. It is so far the longest project associated with an international organisation for us i.e.,Coimbatore corporation. It is indeed a proud moment for Rotaract GCT because 11 Rotaractors are GCT’s representatives as ward ambassadors for this clean India campaign.The project started on 26th of December 2016 and continued up to 13th January 2017. Our report works regarding the campaign were much appreciated by the officials. The officials got impressed with the report works of our rotaractors. Our president Rtr. Sriram Anax was appointed the zonal coordinator for the campaign. 



Rotaract club of GCT and Manavar Mandram, GCT had joined hands to organize an elocution audition on 9th of February 2017. This International Avenue project took place on at our campus. Rotarian Elankavi Pandiyan presided over the event. 18 members participated, leaving the people mesmerized by their eloquence. The participant’s gratified us citing that this event provided them an opportunity to stage their talent and to judge their own standards. The best speakers were applauded.



The Rotaract Club of GCT in association with CCMC got to the field work for creating door to door awarness to the shops in and around the Venkittapuram, Goundapalayam & Idayarpalayam regarding plastic ban. This took place on the 22nd of March, 2017 .Rotaractors of GCT covered more than 150 shops and distributed the Plastic Waste Management guidelines notice 2016