Rotaract Club of GCT Coimbatore
Grow | Cultivate | Transmute


The charter day celebration of Rac_GCT was cordially celebrated on 06.10.2018 at the Production Seminar hall,GCT.It began with an inagural dance and followingly the report of the event was presented by the Secretary. In the afternoon, tree saplings were planted in the campus with the presence of Parent Rotary President Rtn.Sathish, Parent Rotary Youth Service Chairman Rtn. Ramasamy, Rtn. Vihay Krishnan, District Club Service Director Rtr. Krikanth. We were also engaged in the performances of "Therukoothu" and "Paraisai" by the Gctians. The celebration was concluded with the cake cutting by the Chiief guest and the President.A new way of bonding and Satisfaction were witnessed among everyone.



Pongal Celebration was held on 06/01/19 at 2.00pm outside the Rudra  Block.The celebration commenced by making pongal in an earthen pot by using 

stove made of bricks.Club members came in their traditional dresses and exhibited joy and pride.Various types of traditional games like saaku potti,          uri adi and lucky corner were conducted for the Rotaractors.The celebration ended with the distribution of pogal to the GCT students.It gave an opportunity

for us to learn about culture and traditions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 IMG-20190106-WA0020.jpg                       IMG-20190106-WA0094.jpg                                                                                                                       IMG-20190106-WA0080.jpg


“Art is the freedom to bend things that most people see as a straight line”. The club service event, ‘Varaiya Variya’ was conducted on 03.10.2018,recreating alphabets into art. Rtr.Aruvin and Rtr.Roshan were the event chairman and event secretary. Designing the given alphabets and recopying and duplicating of letters “were exclusively conducted for the gathered crew. Rtr.Monisha and Rtr.Manoj were recognized for their best works. Each artist mind was assured to enjoy the real fellowship funs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Every end has a beginning new and the end of the tenure of the office bearers of the yester Rotary Year opened the platform for another year of Rotaraction. The Orientation programme for the Rotary year 2017-2018 took place on the 15th of July, 2017. Rtr. PP KarthikGonsalvez, District Trainer, Rtr. Dhanya Shree, District Trainer and Rtr. PP Ajay Shankar, GRR Group II handled the session. The programme opened a way for the new rotaractors to gain thorough insight on what rotaract is, its avenues, by laws, four way tests and all other aspects. The day remained a markable one that paved way to the new people to find an identity for themselves as Rotaractors.



Engineers we be!
With technology we play!
Taking treasure hunt to the next level, the event Mega Hunt was conducted for the enthusiasts who attended the Orientation. A Team of 6 members including a member from the Board participated in the event. The teams had to hunt for QR codes by scanning of which they could get clues and navigate to the destiny in stages. The event remained a huge success in promoting insight of that team work, fellowship and merry making are vibrant parameters in every Rotaract Club.


INHERIT- where passion passes on

The installation ceremony of Rtr. PoornaPushakalaRajan and his team of office bearers took place on 24th of July, 2017 at the Alumini Auditorium at our college premises. Dr. Satyabama, Principal, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore was the Chief Guest. Rtn. Vasanth Raj, President, Rotary Club of Coimbatore east was the Guest of Honor. Rtn. Vijay Krishnan, New Generation Director, Rotary Club of Coimbatore East and RTR. PP. Ajay Chandran, DRR, R.I. Dist. 3201 were the special invitees. The whole set of audience watched the awe of passion, commitment, dedication and love passing on to the new board as they pledged their allegiance to the Club. We also did release our Letterhead, Website and Standing banner. The ceremony marked a new beginning to another huge year of whole hearted Rotaraction, where unto R.I. Dist.3201 we are to Believe, Belong and Become as we Grow Cultivate and Transmute.



How forget friendship day when, friendship is an integral part of Rotaraction. Our Rotaractors conducted an exclusive event-‘Nanbenda’ on August 7th, 2017. The event involved participation of Rotaractors as a team of two. The compatibility between the friends was checked in the first written round. The second round involved various fun events like Dumb-C, Pixie, Spin the yarn etc. The event was one best way to have celebrated friendship day together with each one’s best friend, as fun and frolic remained the key elements.


The most awaited event of our club took place on 16th of August, 2017 at our campus premises.WAGAH is a box-cricket event for all students of GCT. The event was definitely an eye-catcher, gathering a huge crowd of budding cricketers. The main aim of the event was to promote fellowship along with sportsmanship. We reaped the outcome of this with a very cheerful team. The winners were felicitated in our second GBM.



WAL_E is one project that speaks about our Rotaraction. To make the new- comers a part of this massive project and to instill the spirit of positive competition within them. The fresh minds provocated fresh thoughts through their wonderful art work from the 19th of August, 2017. As the name implies, all the Kirukals turned out to be the voice of socialism. All the new members of Rotaract club of GCT have actively participated in the event. 


We are not only gamers yet we proved that we are intellectual gamers as well! This Quiz Busters event was held on 22nd August. This event tested the IQ of a around 70 Rotaractors of GCT, also developing co-ordination and team work among the Rotaractors. That was a wonderful evening with loads of fun factor as well


The event jumbled sounds was conducted for our Rotaractors on the 24th of August, 2017. The event involved matching up song lyrics which was provided jumbled. Each team had to sing the matched lyrics that remained best part of the event. The event reflected its outcome of promoting fun and fellowship amongst the 35 participants.

Charter day Celebration

The Charter day of our Club fell on the 5th of October,2017. The day was celebrated in a grand manner. We had in our midst Rtn. Vijay Krishnan, NEW GENERATION DIRECTOR, ROTARY CLUB OF  COIMBATORE EAST, Our DRR .RTR.PP.Ajay chandran,Rtr.PP.Janani mani - DISTRICT SECRETARY, Rtr. Shyam Prakash, Group Rotaract representative, Group 1,Rtr.PP.Gowtham Karthik, GROUP ROTARACT SECRETARY GROUP 3,Rtr.IPP.Raaju, DISTRICT CLUB SERVICE DIRECTOR,Rtr.Mithesh, DISTRICT DIRECTOR OF ARCHIEVES,Rtr.Kumaravelu, president, RAC CUG,Rtr. Sriram barani, president, RAC CBE ROYALS,Rtr. Kiruba Lakshmi, president, RAC UNITY,Rtr.Sahul Raj , secretary, RAC UNITY along with their team ,Rtr.Neetu , secretary, RAC PSGR Krishnamal college of women to grace the day. A special street play performance was performed by our Rotaractors for the audience throwing light on the current situation every common man faces. Initiation of four project, one from each avenue was also made on that day. Post this schedule we had few fun events like musical chair, sing along, mimicry etc. The finale was indeed a happy moment as the birthday song began echoing, the cake was cut and the day terminated making RaC GCT feel really special.


The event One Minute Goal was held on 6th of October, 2017 at our campus premises. The preliminary round included fun events such as arranging paper cups into shapes without using hands, coin search etc. The finals was held the next day in which the team of two were given various one minute tasks to perform. The winners were awarded at the end of the event. The event addressed its objective of beating the end semester pressure out for the Rotaractors of GCT. 


Brain O Brain

The online IQ testing contest was held on 21st of October for the Rotaract Community which involved answering an  e-Questionare. The event remained success in imparting rejuvenation and boosting up the mental being. The winners was awarded in  the next GBM

Meme Clash

Making way to the people who say it the meme way, the event Meme Clash was held on 23rd of October, 2017. A vibrant chance to all the MCs around R.I.Dist. 3201 to compete and outshine with the meming skills. Rtr. Sriram Barani, President, Rotaract Club of Coimbatore Royals was our judge. The best memes was  awarded in our Next GBM.


The online Dubsmash contest for members of the Rotaract and non Rotaract Community of GCT was organized on the 8th of November, 2017. 56 members participated in the event. The winners were awarded with Mobile Recharge. The event remained a rejuvenation and helped relieve the end semester pressure.


The Rotaract pongal vizha was celebrated on the 6th of January, 2018. It was celebrated in a traditional way with kolams, mud pot pongal making, fun events like uri adithal and lot more. The best part of the event was the debut pongal making by the girls in the board. Rtr. PP Ajay Chandran-DRR,

 Rtr. PP Janani Mani District Secretary Admin and Rtr. PP Gowtham, GRS Group-III made their presence during the event. Pongal vizha was one best memory that we made in Rotarct.

Pre - Orientation

The Rotaract pre-orientation programme was held at Government College of Technology on 6th of August,2016. The programme began at 9 AM in the morning. around 200 students attended the programme. Rtr. Purushothaman, our group 4 Rotaract Representative who has been a constant pillar of support to us conducted the session initially, explaining about the rotract and it's roots. Rtr. Karthik Gonsalvez , very energetic and friendly person then took over the session, he inculcated a clear idea of the "aims ,goals, avenues, services and functioning of Rotaract" into the minds of freshmen. The interactive session ended at 12pm with refreshments being provided.

Logo Hunt

The increasing response and the incredible support in our college has pushed us towards fixing the best logo and the tagline as well. The immediate challenge we had was this; after the formation of such a reverent community. Speaking about the hunt for the logo; it was increasingly risky as it involved highly sensitive and clear design. A wide variety of designs were analysed and archived because the team aimed at a highly professional and remarkably good work. The core members were very much involved in sharing their logos and taglines

வித்-த-கன் (MINI MILITIA)


The Rotaract club of GCT unveiled the most awaited வித்-த- கன் , MINI MILITIA contest !
For those who wonder if just playing games would be productive, the answer is “yes”.The “mini militia” event proved the same. We did not try to create a storm instead went in search of storm creators. “Little strokes fell great oaks” likewise the little efforts of the rotaractors were a splendid hit. The rotaractors actively participated in the event and proved their calibre. The amount of enthusiasm they showed proved their team playing capabilities. We were mesmerised by their interest and were greatly impressed by their involvement. We could not imagine a better show 
without the participants ’ interest. It was very well showcased in minimilitia.

Winners - BOYS:                                                

1. Rtr. Kavin karthick 

2. Rtr. Santhosh  

3. Rtr. Vemanathan 

Winners - GIRLS:
1. Rtr. Sa

2. Rtr. Brindha  
3. Rtr. Dwaraga 


Treasure Hunt

The club service project - Treasure hunt was organised successfully on 22nd of October. We grouped the sophomeres into teams so that every team gets a chance to implement a project. A special team planned and executed this event for all other Rotaractors and Non Rotaractors efficiently. Right from scratch, by designing posters and preparing hints , everything was perfectly done by them. This has helped them improve their leadership skills management skills.  The event turned out to be successful.


Rotaract club of GCT participated in this contest by uploading 101 videos that were shot by our Rotaractors.It included 22 video interviews.The topics covered were Animal care,Education child rights, Environmental Sustainability,Elderly care,Everyday Heroes,Livelihood,Random acts of kindness,Responsible citizenship,Women empowerment and Specially aided. 



We have been continuously working on numerous community service projects but this time to stir the club in a fun filled manner ,from the team of 2nd year Rotaractors a game show TONGUE TWISTER was conducted. Rhyming sentences and tongue twisters in both Tamil and English were given to the participants. Rotaractors started practising that and murmuring turned into louder versions.The organisers noted the number of times the sentence was repeated for a duration of 1 minute by participants. The Rotaractors repeated the sentence with a smiling face and enjoyed the event. From the first round, a few Rotaractors proceeded to the 2nd round. Again an intense level of challenges were given followed by finals. The entire week focused on this. The response was overwhelming. Over 60 participants entertained all of us.

PRELIMS: 26.12.16

QUALIFIERS: 27.12.16

FINALS: 28.12.16



We are happy to inform that we have completed our DRR official visit on 19/1/17 . Rotaract Club of GCT thank our Rtr.PHF.PP. Manoj Karthik Ravikumar beloved GRR Rtr.PP.Purus Laxman and our fellow Rotaractors.


We conducted a  slogan writing contest  named ‘kurungkural’ as an extension of the project Wall-E on 24th of January, 2017. Slogans regarding any social issue were welcomed. Slogans were written in both English and Tamil. Many Rotaractors were interested in writing slogans on ‘Swachh Bharat’. The best slogans are to be shortlisted and will soon appear on the walls of Forest Campus. 



          The Rotaract Club of GCT conducted the event ‘VAAYAI MOODI PESAVUM’ (Pot Pouri) in order to enhance interaction and sociality among the Rotaractors and between the Rotaract and non-Rotaract. It was held on 15.02.2017 and 16.02.2017 in two rounds. The prelims were held on 15.02.2017, various Rotaractors had participated as a team of two. The rounds involved ‘Dumb-C’ and ‘Pixie’. The shortlisted teams participated in the finals conducted on 16.02.2017. It was a digitalized round, and had two events- ‘Pixie’, to guess a proverb and ’Dumb-C’ to guess a ‘Thirukural’ A total of 16 teams had taken part  in the prelims, from which 6 teams were selected for the finals and in the finale, participants from four different teams emerged as winners.



A team of our Rotaractors organized a club service event "Word Salad" on 20-02-2017. This event witnessed the expected number of enthusiastic participants. The first round was to arrange the letters from a bundle of sheets to find a complete word of place, books and renowned authors. 21 teams had participated with 2 per team among which 15 teams were short listed and the final round was held on 21-02-2017. The task given to each team was to find Tamil proverbs from jumbled clues. At the day’s end 5 teams were declared winners. The event proved to be a promising one for both group of people, fun lovers and literary masters.



The event Connections was conducted as source of refreshment and rejuvenation for the Rotaractors on the 6th of March 2017. The game was attended by Rotaractors teamed as 3 or 4. The task was to guess the word connecting three pictorial clues displayed digitally. The stipulated time provided was 30 seconds. 30 teams attended the event, among which three teams were declared winners.



The event ‘Find me if you dare’(Hide and seek) was conducted on 15th march 2017. This game was attended by both Rotaractors and non Rotaractors. This was an individual participation event in which about 60 members participated. Clues were provided for each player, they were supposed to form a team of three players having two hiders and one seeker. The time limit was 30 minutes. The winners were decided based on group formation in the shortest time span. First three teams were felicitated as winners for whom prizes were distributed. The event remained a source of rejuvenation to the aspiring engineers who were stressed out by their routine chores.



As a step to enhance interaction and friendship amongst the Rotaractors, the Rotaract club of GCT conducted an interactive event called CRAZY GCT.  It was held on 20th and 21st of March in two rounds. The prelims were held on 20th  and the finals on 21st with 7 shortlisted teams from the preliminary round. Both events included treasure hunt game with an added suspense. The winners were applauded and awarded.



It is always a fun to play with words and for literature lovers it remains a treat. We the Rotaractors organized a fun filled event “VARTHAIYODU VILAYADU” exclusively for our club members on 22nd of March 2017.Totally 44 Rotaractors participated as a team of two. Clues were given as a single word and the word was to be guessed within a maximum of three clues. A total of five words were to be guessed within a minute. The event not only entertained us, it remained a learning experience as well.



We had organized ‘Tongue twisters II’ for both Rotaractors and also for non Rotaractors on 28th of March, 2017. Unlike tongue twister 1, this event was conducted in a single round in which the persons who had twisted their tongue maximum times without mistakes emerged as winners. Both Tamil and English tongue twisters were chosen randomly by the participants. 25 members participated in this event. Tongue twister II, was one of the funniest games, and remained a way to practice and improve pronunciation and fluency.


"Being a leader does not lie in leading alone; it also includes electing the right leader"

We the Rotaractors conducted the ELECTION MEET on the 29th March, 2017 at @641, Bharathi Cross Street, Coimbatore to elect the President and Secretary for the next tenure.The panel comprising of the Board and the GRR Rtr. IPP.Purushothaman interviewed the nominees with intense enthusiasm. The questions were shot out rapidly which received incredible answers. The results are to be soon revealed.




On the 3rd  of April, 2017 our Rotaractors conducted a series of fun events , an initiative to distress the fellow Rotaractors who were getting immersed by the end semester work pressure. The events included pin the pick, balloon storm, fill the pail etc. The event remained a success in building better bonds and a source of stress relief.




   The most recent event on the event planner of Rotaract Club of GCT was Quizophile. Our Rotaractors have yet again proved their novelty by planning such a fun based  quizzing event. This was a completely humorous event that was conducted online, formulated mainly to dissolve the tension among students of GCT who were strenuously working for their semester exams. Quizophile was held on 19.4.2017 between 6 pm and 10 pm in which sixty two students took part and three were selected as winners. This event has created a perceptible positive vibe among the students.




"If you cut a tree, you will kill a life. 

If you save a tree, you will save a life. 

If you plant a tree, you will plant a life."

Our rotaractors had conducted an event named "PLANTIE". The participants were asked to plant a sapling and click a selfie with it. Totally 10 members had participated and had mailed their photographs on 31st of May which was the stipulated deadline. This project was thus an initial step in not only protecting the environment, but also in creating an environment that needs no protection!